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Founded by Coach Blake Dahlgren in September of 2011. The Los Angeles Equestrian Vaulting Club (LAEVC),  is a nationally 

competitive sports program incorporating dance and gymnastics on the back of a moving horse. Our current LAEVC vaulters range in age from 6 to 28 and compete regionally, nationally and worldwide as individuals, pairs (called pas-de-deux) and teams.  Our youngest athletes practice and compete at the walk gait and progress to trot, and canter, based on strength, height, and ability to mount and perform on the horse. LAEVC members have gained national recognition both in individual and team competitions. 

Is previous experience necessary?

No previous experience is necessary to try vaulting or join our program. Since vaulting is taught in a controlled environment, individuals of all ages and experience levels can participate in this fun sport.


LAEVC Competitive Vaulting Program

Offers training by Coach Blake Dahlgren and assistant 

coach Rebecca Herrera for vaulters who want to be competitive at a National and World Class Level of 

Excellence. Our competitive vaulting program provides each member the opportunity to compete in all 

LAEVC competitions, demos and outings throughout the year. Competitive members receive priority on 

horse use in competitions, at practice, and in demos/exhibitions and learn proper horsemanship to manage the needs of their equine team member. LAEVC competitive vaulting classes are held year-round 

and are designed to help members reach their highest competitive goals and be their personal best.

About Our Equine Team Members

It takes a very special kind of horse to become a vaulting horse; good character and temperament are essential. "Wyeth" and "Algot" are our current vaulting horses and valued members of our team.  In addition to his amazing personality, "Wyeth" earned national recognition in August 2012 when he carried the Men's Silver National Vaulting Champion at the AVA/USEF National Championships in Lexington, Kentucky. "Algot is our newest trot horse team member.


Young equestrians in the LAEVC program build a deep appreciation and unique understanding of the human, equine relationship through vaulting and caring for their equine partner.  Each vaulter is taught how to safely and correctly groom, care for and respect their horses.  The responsibility of caring for a horse, and putting its needs first, encourages nurturing skills and self discipline. United by caring for their horses, vaulters begin to help each other and take responsibility for their own actions.  The bond that is built between vaulter and horse provides plenty of opportunities for vaulters to explore, learn and practice the skills needed for building relationships with other people. This includes trust, empathy, negotiation, compromise, and boundary setting. 

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